The moon aglow in all its glory is a sight to behold, especially above the rolling hills that surround FerriFirenze’s 16th century Villa Corsi Salvati. Spicchi, Italian for slice, represents the mystical powers of the half-moon. Described for centuries in Western literature and mythology as an emblem of mystery, magic, and stillness, it is above all, considered the universal symbol of femininity.

In China, for example, when full and round, the moon represents family unity.
In fact, in Chinese, the word 团圆 tuanyuan means both "round" and "family reunion.”
One of the most important holidays for the Chinese takes place around this powerful planet, such as the autumn festival.

FerriFirenze’s own travels through the Middle East have been illuminated by its mythological symbols. The significance behind the half moon and its integral importance to the region, is one that commences the season of Ramadan. Elsewhere, the Greek Goddess Diana was said to have been honored using the symbols of the crescent and the star. The colors were chosen by the city of Byzantium, later known as Constantinople. In the 4th century BC, the crescent and star were engraved onto Byzantine coins and shields until the 13th century that would later result in today's Turkish flag.
Coming to life in FerriFirenze’s latest collection, Spicchi is the result of a dream that intertwines the magic of the silence of the desert, its dunes, and moonlit sky. Crafted into contemporary forms, pendants, front and back earrings, and bracelets awash in yellow gold and studded with diamonds, each artfully crafted piece is emboldened by a sparkle seen from afar. As always, FerriFirenze’s latest moon-inspired array, exists in an everyday and discreet version and a variety of shapes.


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