The Solegira collection comes to the fore as a joyous seasonal centerpiece for Spring Summer. Deeply influenced by the breathtaking nature surrounding FerriFirenze’s 16th century villa, this latest expression of creativity is centered around the muse of the Tuscan countryside: the Sunflower. An array of rings, earrings, and pendants come to life in a lively interpretation of the flower expressed through carefully sculpted yellow gold variations set with white and yellow diamonds.
The impeccably executed design is a testament to the house’s mastery in combining exquisite gems and its visionary savoire fair.

A new chapter of innovative craftsmanship is ushered into the pages of FerriFirenze’s illustrious heritage, as it introduces the Solegira brooch, a timeless keepsake identifiably for its intricately sculpted rays set meticulously with diamond.


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