Beauty can be obvious when an object is complex. The poetry of an ancient text, for example. Or the pattern of an embroidered textile. But beauty also lies in simplicity. The fragrant scent of jasmine at dusk. The sun shimmering off an Italian lake. The shadow of a loved one, known and adored.

FerriFirenze’s Bubbles collection frames the same natural simplicity. The collection is unpretentious. It is unafraid to echo the most uncomplicated of motifs. Bubbles forms a classic sphere, reminiscent of our planet and the circle of life. It’s a design that’s delicate yet bold, almost vintage in its style.

The repetition of bubbles gives a dynamic feel to the collection. This is paired with swaying movements of the settings themselves. Note the dangle of the earrings and the twist of the rings. Or the gentle tinkling of the bracelets, like birdsong at dawn.


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