FerriFirenze strives to uphold the key pillars of sustainability. Built on an eco conscious ethos, each piece is entirely handmade by artisans in an intimate workshop set in the verdant splendour of the Tuscan hills. Driven by its "Simply Sophisticated"soul, the people behind FerriFirenze are at the heart of its business. Reducing the house's carbon footprint is a top priority, in addition to ensuring the longevity of each product with lifetime guarantees, free repairs and upholding values such as transparency behind every gem and stone procured.

"We ensure the processes are environmentally friendly and most importantly, we support local craftsmen by designing and marketing products that are made with love, by local artisans."

FerriFirenze looks to the future

As the family-run business, the brand is committed to creating a sustainable business, both for the society and the environment. In addition to its fine-tuned savoir-faire, it continually invests in its CSR and certifications to perpetuate sustainable development, as a beacon for the broader industry.

The Villa itself is a treasure, a jewel. In order to preserve its beauty and history, FerriFirenze actively contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the Villa, ensuring a future worthy of this magical place.


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