Life is a journey, not a destination. Contemporary culture encourages us to focus on our goals. Which makes it easy to forget that the path we followed there holds our most important life lessons. It’s along that same path that we also create our most precious memories.

The FerriFirenze Vito collection resonates with these sentiments. The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are made up of graceful curves. Vito is a path, meandering its way under a woodland canopy of soft green leaves. It bends, straightens, descends and rises. But the collection’s pieces remain the very antithesis of rigid. In fact, their contours are supple to the touch, almost comforting. As time ambles onwards, these pieces flutter along the wearer’s skin: looping the neck, around the wrist and curving around the ear.

Each element of Vito is marked with the sparkle of a diamond. A precious reminder of each step that has been taken in order for us to become the unique individual that we are today. Grouped together, these delicate elements are elegant and unpretentious, embodying the progression of life.


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