After sunset descends over the hills that surround FerriFirenze’s fabled Villa Corsi Salviati, fireflies illuminate the verdant grassy gardens and the petals of its Tuscan flora. In an attempt to replicate the wonders of nature, the Lucciola collection is named after the luminous insect that conjures after-sunset childhood pursuits and romantic evenings like no other. A member of the Lampyrid family, which in ancient Greek means ‘what shines,’ this insect exudes the magical glow of precious diamonds. Through a collection that embodies this magic, FerriFirenze tells the story of this awe-inspiring creature in notes of diamonds and blue and pink sapphires on a backdrop of pink coral and dark blue enamel.  Mimicking the striking sunset that surrounds the Tuscan countryside in summer, such designs turn this natural phenomenon into a tangible timeless treasure.

Crafted with curves and shapes that only nature can perfect, FerriFirenze’s master artisans imbue the romance of elongated leaves and petals into each delicately worked pendant, ring, and earring.
Fashioned with shimmering rays and punctuated with iridescent jewels, the Lucciola collection is a testament to the sort of other wordiness only FerriFirenze can perfect. Such exquisite mastery is also available in a more casual version with cheerful and colorful enamels.


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