Since the 16th century, goldsmithing has contributed  to Florence's cultural prestige. Today, FerriFirenze carries on this history  as a custodian of the ancient techniques that continue to resonate in a contemporary world. 

From  the design stage to stone settings, FerriFirenze brings forth the type of jewellery making that is synonymous with art.

A dynamic workshop where young and experienced artisans practice their coveted expertise, patience and passion remain the secret behind FerriFirenze's innovative masterpieces, in which  each stone and curve are etched into this new language of love.

Each FerriFirenze collection is loved like a family member

There’s the mother, which is the collection’s most important piece. It consists of a pave setting of exquisite gemstones. The collection will have many daughters in rose, yellow and white gold, their design elements available in small and medium sizes. There are earrings that dangle, drop or hug the earlobes, as well as intricate pendants. In fact, many of the variations in the FerriFirenze collection have been suggested by our enthusiastic and creative customers. We are honoured to make their dreams come true. And, in turn, to share them with you.


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