Life is a journey, not a destination. Contemporary culture encourages us to focus on our goals. Which makes it easy to forget that the path we followed there holds our most important life lessons. It’s along that same path that we also create our most precious memories.

The FerriFirenze Vito collection resonates with these sentiments. The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are made up of graceful curves. Vito is a path, meandering its way under a woodland canopy of soft green leaves. It bends, straightens, descends and rises. But the collection’s pieces remain the very antithesis of rigid. In fact, their contours are supple to the touch, almost comforting. As time ambles onwards, these pieces flutter along the wearer’s skin: looping the neck, around the wrist and curving around the ear.

Each element of Vito is marked with the sparkle of a diamond. A precious reminder of each step that has been taken in order for us to become the unique individual that we are today. Grouped together, these delicate elements are elegant and unpretentious, embodying the progression of life.

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Beauty can be obvious when an object is complex. The poetry of an ancient text, for example. Or the pattern of an embroidered textile. But beauty also lies in simplicity. The fragrant scent of jasmine at dusk. The sun shimmering off an Italian lake. The shadow of a loved one, known and adored.

FerriFirenze’s Bubbles collection frames the same natural simplicity. The collection is unpretentious. It is unafraid to echo the most uncomplicated of motifs. Bubbles forms a classic sphere, reminiscent of our planet and the circle of life. It’s a design that’s delicate yet bold, almost vintage in its style.

The repetition of bubbles gives a dynamic feel to the collection. This is paired with swaying movements of the settings themselves. Note the dangle of the earrings and the twist of the rings. Or the gentle tinkling of the bracelets, like birdsong at dawn.

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Born in Florence during the mid-13th century, Giotto di Bondone was one of Italy's most famous artists. The painter was prolific during the early Renaissance period, creating stunning frescoes, many of them inscribed by UNESCO. As well as designing the Florence Cathedral's world-renowned campanile, or bell tower. 

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Giotto portrayed his subjects’ genuine human emotions - ranging from pride and gratitude to hope and serenity. It was this authenticity that encouraged our artisans to look to Giotto for inspiration. But it was the master painter’s undeniable artistic and architectural innovation that launched the creation of FerriFirenze’s Giotto collection.

In particular, the sculptured facade of Giotto's campanile is unlike any other. White and coloured marble heralds from Carrara, on the Tuscan coast. Close to 800 years ago, Giotto deftly transformed it, creating geometrical bas-reliefs - or three-dimensional patterns - along the lower levels of the bell tower. 

In turn, our master craftspeople have adopted many of these striking forms, using them as the basis to create FerriFirenze’s own Giotto pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings in 18K gold. Champagne and white diamonds serve as exquisite highlights, sculpting and trimming the jewellery’s distinct and unusual shapes.

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Italy boasts an illustrious musical heritage. In Florence, home to FerriFirenze's 16th-century headquarters, this sentiment rings truer than ever. The city is cited as the birthplace of opera and symphony, and is scattered with musical conservatories, theatres and orchestras. It’s little wonder that Italians have an undeniable passion for music.

We instinctively embrace certain conversational terms that derive from musical scores. Such as 'crescendo', which signifies a gradual increase in loudness or intensity. An escalation of power and energy, indicating that a piece of music - or an emotion - is progressing to its peak. Yet the root of the word ‘crescendo’ comes from the Italian word ‘crescere’, to grow. It’s a concept that is firmly focused on the process - not the result.

FerriFirenze's ever-innovative artisans have played with this pervasive idea, allowing it to inspire them in designing our Crescendo collection. Each individual 18K gold component of our Crescendo jewellery suggests the shape of a piano’s elegant keys. A necklace’s surface gently twists, catching the light. Earrings seem to almost spiral, their Champagne and white diamonds rising with the wearer’s every nuanced movement. 

These unique Crescendo pieces have no beginning and no end. They are constantly growing, changing and developing. Like each one of us.

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Each culture has their own unique use for a foulard, or silk scarf. In Mediterranean Europe, it may function as a jazzy accessory, adding zest to an outfit as it’s tied under the collar. The same item could be swiftly rolled along its length to transform into a belt, cinching the waist with its rippling folds. In the Middle East, a foulard frequently used as a headscarf, modestly covering the wearer’s hair, while adding colour and a soft, reflective sheen.

In Italy, we adore a pure silk foulard. The silk scarf’s tactile drape and unusual form provided the inspiration for FerriFirenze’s Foulards collection. Our 18K gold earrings and pendants bend and fold, their shapes reminiscent of the silkiest textiles. Like sunlight that reflects off of water, precious stones - from Champagne diamonds, to azure sapphires and forest-green sapphires - are dappled over the jewellery’s surfaces.




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A capital of culture for a millennium, Florence has been the birthplace of revolutionary ideas and legendary artworks from figures as esteemed as Michelangelo and Botticelli.

This city’s secluded balconies are intricately laced with flowering vines. Centuries of history are sheltered within the striking facades of its elaborate palazzi. Wander her streets, then pause and listen. If you’re lucky, Florence’s arresting architecture will reveal its secrets. It’s a kind of music, heard only by those in tune with the city’s magical energy. Repeated again, these harmonious notes soon become a melody...

The FerriFirenze Musica collection transforms Florence’s architectural flair into iconic designs. The collection highlights its precious diamonds with vivacious textures and gentle movement. Angular components are bold. They are either layered in the Straight version. Or they mimic nature in the rounded curves of the Floral version. Both versions are ethereal and luxurious, awakening the senses through a flight of a thousand Florentine nights.

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Our Italian artisans pride themselves on their mastery of age-old techniques. Many are handed down with pride through generations of Florentine jewellers. Yet Italy also ranks among the world’s most dynamic countries. The nation is globally renowned for haute couture, luxury cars, timeless furnishings and industrial designs.

FerriFirenze’s Waterfall collection combines both the traditional and the contemporary. Necklaces, earrings and rings have been precisely crafted so their precious stones ebb and flow, like gentle waves, along curves of 18k gold. As the sunlight strikes these colourful gems, it dips and cascades over the contours of the wearer’s skin. The effect is reminiscent of a translucent river, as it tumbles over a waterfall into the opaque depths below.

Like water itself, the components of every piece in the Waterfall collection are delicately articulated. Each one has been carefully created with a gentle movement that tinkles, caresses and embraces. All in a riot of sparkles, reflections and light.

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FerriFirenze explores the world’s most extraordinary crafting techniques. Our workshop is inspired by skills as diverse as knitting, macrame, crochet, embroidery and batik. Throwing out the rulebook, our artisans apply these crafts to the creation of elegant jewellery - all the time toying with the unexpected.

In Italian, “Spettinato” means ruffled or tousled. Just like the delicately undulating petals that adorn our Spettinato collection’s rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. White, yellow and rose gold are combined with diamonds and precious gemstones to highlight each petal’s sparkle and colour.

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Each springtime, the Tuscan fields that surround FerriFirenze’s 16th-century headquarters are awash with wild dandelions. Bees pause to sip their sweet nectar. Winding paths are kissed with the flowers’ honey-yellow hue, as their long stems bend in the breeze.

With exuberant enthusiasm, our Soffio collection gives pride of place to the dandelion’s curved lines. The result - whether yellow sunrise or champagne twist - is feminine and strikingly graphic.

Yet for each 18K gold bracelet or pendant, single components are only part of the story. The masterful techniques of our talented artisans ensure the elements of each jewellery piece is intertwined. As a result, every Soffio Collection handmade item appears soft, malleable, and part of a greater celebration of life.

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The Italian Renaissance blossomed in 14th-century Florence. It was a prolific period of cultural ‘rebirth’. Italian artists were inspired by Roman, Greek, and Classical architecture. Bold shapes were favoured, such as the arched roof that grace Florence’s distinctive skyline.

Today these iconic forms remain apparent in the architectural details of Tuscan villas. Ever inspired by the world that surrounds them, all FerriFirenze's artisans used these layers and curves to create our playful Twist Twist collection. Quintessentially feminine and refined, these colourful cocktail jewellery pieces are movable and soft despite their structured appearance.

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Our highly skilled Italian artisans are inspired by the rustic Tuscan scenery that surrounds our 16th-century villa. On some days an idea may originate from the countryside’s contrast of colours. The silver-green of an olive leaf. Or the flaming red of a poppy flower bowing in the breeze. On other occasions, inspiration might take flight from a perfectly petite shape, like that of a tiny golden petal.

The FerriFirenze Petals collection was born from such a vision. It was a day when the colours inside our villa gardens were amplified by spring showers. One particular petal grew and multiplied, catching and reflecting the sheen of droplets of rain. Its hue changed as it matured. Until it transformed into rings, pendants and earrings in playful hues of malachite green, midnight blue and turquoise.

The striking contrast of black enamel with white diamonds renders the Petals collection cutting edge contemporary. Yet jewellery pieces are thoroughly classic when rose gold is paired with diamonds. Settings may be fixed or articulated. This allows the petals to dance to the rhythm of the wearer’s movement.

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Italy is synonymous with fashion, boasting the world’s most renowned brands. The craftsmanship and vision of the country’s master designers are celebrated on a global scale. Regardless of whether fashion is your passion, Italian style permeates every aspect of our creative culture. From techniques to cuts. From fabrics to folds.

The French term plissé translates as pleat, or fold. It was this simple technique of folding a fabric, drawing its inspiration from the drape of a haute couture dress, that created the concept behind the FerriFirenze Plissé collection. Our expert artisans played with the possibility of folding precious stones like a silk scarf. Then tucking them among curves of white or rose gold.

Plissé’s pendants, rings and earrings are endlessly elegant. Yet they are effortlessly sophisticated. The finest spray of diamonds appears suspended above each setting, as if tangled in gauze, then caught on a summer’s breeze. Like fine fashion, this chic collection has a unique appeal. It remains irresistible for those who are captivated by its flowing form.

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Children are entwined with nature. From their first teetering steps, they are enchanted by springtime buds, ready to burst into flower. Followed by summer swathes of long swishing grass. Then the kaleidoscope rustle of autumn leaves. Our gardens continue to be an escape, a haven of discovery and play.

It's little surprise that so many of the dreams and drawings for our collections are cultivated in the magical gardens that surround our historic villa. Our artisans draw inspiration from the silhouette of a particular tree's bark. From a fleeting glimpse of a water lily. Or from contemplating the shape of simple yet sophisticated clover leaves.

Eminently feminine, the FerriFirenze Clover collection dazzles with the richness and delicacy of its details. Eye-catching enamel creates a playful rapport with light. Colours take on an exceptional depth and intensity that changes throughout the day. Set within these coloured leaves, three petite petals are delicately adorned with diamonds. Magnifying the exquisite grace of the modest clover, our Clover collection pays tribute to modern-day women whose dreams are larger than life.

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It seldom snows in Tuscany. Yet nature gifts the villa, where we design and craft, the occasional frosty snap. We find the chill invigorating and exhilarating. We wake early, rushing to the windows like children, each of us competing for a first peek of the lightest layer of ice crystals that have been sprinkled on the morning flowers. Ice is a fleeting creation of nature. It is prized for its gloriously ephemeral nature. As soon as the sun’s warm rays run their golden fingers over it, the frost is little more than a memory. Yet the fond recollection remains.

FerriFirenze’s Frozen collection embodies the same icy allure. Glamorous and sparkling, it offers an exquisite alternation between precious stones and open aperture. Its white or champagne diamonds are charged with magnetism. Frozen rests on the collarbone, softly skirts the earlobes or twists along a finger’s length. Like an ice crystal, it plays with the concept of space. Skin is revealed, white gold tempts, diamonds give the impression that they are floating...

Frozen is an apt name. As a photo can capture an unforgettable moment, freezing it in time before it vanishes, this collection celebrates and commemorates the fleeting nature of life itself.

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