FerriFirenze’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are these your own designs?

Yes, these are all our own designs. For many years, we have worked with the fabulous designer Chiara. We’re convinced that she must have the most beautiful dreams - and be immersed in the most beautiful surroundings! - because she has designed each and every one of these amazing collections.

Is all of your gold 18k?

Yes. All of our jewellery is handmade using 18k gold.

Are your coloured gemstones all natural?

Yes. All of our gemstones are natural and unheated.

Do your pieces have a certificate?

Yes. Every piece of FerriFirenze jewellery has its own certificate of authenticity. Each precious creation also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What type of diamonds do you use?

The superb diamonds used by
FerriFirenze have a colour rating of G VS.

Is it everything handmade?

Yes every single FerriFirenze creation is 100% handmade with love, in our small workshop in Tuscany, Italy.


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