Italy boasts an illustrious musical heritage. Florence, home to FerriFirenze's 16th century headquarters, this sentiment rings truer than ever. The city is cited as the birthplace of opera and symphony, and is scattered with musical conservatories, theatres and orchestras. It’s no wonder Italians have an undeniable passion for music.

We instinctively embrace certain conversational terms that derive from musical scores. "Crescendo", which signifies a gradual increase in loudness or intensity, is also an escalation of power and energy, indicating that a piece of music - or an emotion - is progressing to its peak. Yet the root of the word ‘crescendo’ comes from the Italian word ‘crescere’, which also means to grow. It’s a concept that is firmly linked to the process - not the result.

FerriFirenze's ever-innovative artisans have played with this pervasive idea, allowing it to inspire them in designing our Crescendo collection. Each individual 18K gold component of our Crescendo array mimics the counters of a piano’s elegant keys. A necklace’s surface gently twists, catching the light. Earrings seem to almost spiral, their Champagne and white diamonds rising with the wearer’s every nuanced movement. 

These unique Crescendo pieces have no beginning and no end. They are constantly growing, changing and developing. Like each one of us.


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