The sultry, chic sophisticate Emozione collection comes to fruition as a contemporary vision of the Tuscan family-run maison. Embracing artistic movements like Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Emozione (the Italian term for emotion) comes to life in enchanting abstract design pieces recognizable for their empowering features, celebrate the sort of bold aesthetic born from 20 th century art.
The Florence-based, Made in Italy luxury label also takes its design cues from Italy’s architectural zeniths, drawing from the geometrical marvels and details born from various epochs of the country’s design history. In this vein, rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants were envisaged and are characterized by their angular, linear silhouettes and mesmerizing patterns.

Available in yellow gold in two versions with alternating diamonds patterns, each piece is adorned with hand-painted, enameled details in light blue, green, navy blue, as well as in white gold. The black enamel version is available in white gold only.
A testament to the house’s unique legacy of coveted artisan practices, its master craftsmen developed their own enamel technique resulting in innovative motifs like its fashion forward malachite effect. Vibrant contrasts are created by variations of yellow gold paired with champagne diamonds and white gold with white diamonds.


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