VicenzaOro: New Collections to Debut at Vicenza's Exhibition and Trade Centre

VicenzaOro: New Collections to Debut at Vicenza's Exhibition and Trade Centre

Vicenza, September 8-12, 2023

In Vicenza, Italy, the esteemed Florentine jeweler FerriFirenze is excited to participate in the eagerly awaited VicenzaOro event. Scheduled from September 8 to 12 at the Vicenza Exhibition and Trade Centre at Hall 6 Booth 141.

This event is poised to provide visitors with an extraordinary and exclusive opportunity.
Attendees will have the privilege of being among the very first to witness the grand unveiling of FerriFirenze's latest collections, adding an exciting and unique dimension to this remarkable event.

FerriFirenze's, an Italian owned family brand promises a unique and immersive experience for buyers, allowing them to intimately acquaint themselves with FerriFirenze's exquisite Italian creations. Beyond the remarkable jewellery pieces, it's a journey into the very heart of the maison's Tuscan heritage, where tradition and contemporary craftsmanship converge.
Additionally, this event offers a valuable networking platform, fostering connections with local and international buyers who share a deep appreciation for fine craftsmanship and wish to further share this with their clients.

FerriFirenze will showcase their latest collection at VicenzaOra which brings together the finest experts in gold and jewellery craftsmanship. They have gained an International reputation for presenting the finest jewellery and watches crafted not only in Italy but also from other regions. Jewellery buyers from around the world converge at Vicenzaoro and this event serves as a hub for unveiling and connecting with the most cutting-edge trends within the industry which guarantees the best of the best for the upcoming season; making it one of the most well attended jewellery exhibitions.

The Italian jewellery brand, managed by a family for generations, is set to showcase its newest collections. Drawing deep inspiration from the natural beauty of the 16th century villa's surroundings. Their master artisans, fueled by a forward-thinking vision, breathe new life into age-old traditions with every creation. Each jewel is a testament to their exceptional skill, where centuries of heritage are seamlessly woven into contemporary designs. With each piece, they skillfully infuse centuries of tradition into modern designs, making FerriFirenze's fine jewellery a must-see.

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About FerriFirenze
FerriFirenze is an embodiment of love for Florence, infusing centuries-old artisan traditions with a contemporary allure in each masterpiece. It was co-founded by industry veteran Ilaria Furlotti and master craftsman Giulio Ferrari.
FerriFirenze's designs draw inspiration from the architectural marvels of burgeoning cities and the marvels of nature. Crafted by hand amidst the fountains, statues, and frescoes of a 16th-century villa nestled in the lush hills surrounding the Cradle of the Renaissance, FerriFirenze stands out globally for its exceptional creativity and intricate, unmatched techniques. Catering to a new generation of women who appreciate timeless luxury, FerriFirenze perpetuates the legacy of Florentine high-end jewellery making with a commitment to continuous evolution.

Location, Time
This September Exhibition will run from 8-12 September
Vicenza’s Exhibition and Trade Centre, Via dell’Oreficeria 16 - 36100 Vicenza, Italy
Booth: Hall 6 Booth 141
Opening Hour:
8th - 11th Sept > 10 AM - 7 PM
12th Sept > 10 AM - 5 PM
Contact +39 347 283 5203


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