FerriFirenze to Fete Ramadan at Dubai’s The Majlis by Mandarin Oriental | April 10-13, 2022

FerriFirenze to Fete Ramadan at Dubai’s The Majlis by Mandarin Oriental | April 10-13, 2022

Florence, Italy – High-end Florentine jeweler FerriFirenze will host a Suhoor dinner, to commemorate the ongoing Ramadan season. The event will take place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jumeira Dubai, at the hotly anticipated Majlis restaurant. Opened last month, Majlis is a bespoke space envisaged especially for the special Ramadan meals Iftar and Suhoor, thus paying homage to the UAE’s incredibly rich heritage, linking guests with the region’s rich traditions.

FerriFirenze’s hand crafted, artisanal high-end jewels will be flown in from Italy and its enchanting, sophisticated pieces will be displayed against the Majlis’ stunning beachside vistas, complemented by its warm and intricate accents. At this unique occasion, FerriFirenze’s staff will meet incoming clients and VIP guests alike, celebrating the Holy Month in an exclusive, calming atmosphere. Guests will enjoy an exceptional Middle East dining experience, highlighted by the signature creations from Netsu by Ross Shonhan and Tasca by José Avillez. As the evening sets in, live Arabic instrumental music has been arranged to enhance this unforgettable evening.

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Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s MAJLIS Jumeirah 1 - Dubai.
Time: April 10 to 13, 9PM until 2AM.

VIP home visits available upon request at +39 347 283 5203

About FerriFirenze

With each piece envisaged as a love letter from Florence, FerriFirenze imbues centuries of artisan traditions with modern allure. Founded by industry veteran Ilaria Furlotti and Giulio Ferrari, a master craftsman, FerriFirenze's designs reflect the architecture of rising cities and the wonders of nature. Hand made in and around the fountains, statues and frescoes of a 16th century villa nestled in the green hills that surround the Cradle of the Renaissance, FerriFirenze distinguishes itself on a global level for its unique creativitiy and elaborate, unrivalled technques.
Catering to a new generation of women with a penchant for timeless luxury keepsakes, FerriFirenze continues to evolve the Florentine legacy for high-end jewellery making.

The Majlis by Mandarin Oriental

Discover The Majlis by Mandarin Oriental, a bespoke space that brings guests together for Iftar and Suhoor whilst paying homage to the incredibly rich heritage of the UAE.

Enjoying an elegantly relaxed feel, The Majlis by Mandarin Oriental is a one-of-a kind space crafted for families, friends and partners. Designed with the utmost luxury in mind, from its beautiful beachside location, the overall ambience boasts warm interiors and fine decorative detailing, coupled with exceptional gastronomy and world-class hospitality. To reserve, click HERE.

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