Our highly skilled Italian artisans are inspired by the rustic Tuscan scenery that surrounds our 16th-century villa. On some days an idea may originate from the countryside’s contrast of colours. The silver-green of an olive leaf. Or the flaming red of a poppy flower bowing in the breeze. On other occasions, inspiration might take flight from a perfectly petite shape, like that of a tiny golden petal.

The FerriFirenze Petals collection was born from such a vision. It was a day when the colours inside our villa gardens were amplified by spring showers. One particular petal grew and multiplied, catching and reflecting the sheen of droplets of rain. Its hue changed as it matured. Until it transformed into rings, pendants and earrings in playful hues of malachite green, midnight blue and turquoise.

The striking contrast of black enamel with white diamonds renders the Petals collection cutting edge contemporary. Yet jewellery pieces are thoroughly classic when rose gold is paired with diamonds. Settings may be fixed or articulated. This allows the petals to dance to the rhythm of the wearer’s movement.


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