Made in Italy design at Dubai’s most exciting pop-up

Made in Italy design at Dubai’s most exciting pop-up

Dubai, UAE, March 10-19, 2023

This month, FerriFirenze will be participating in the pop-up MNBAIN: The Gates by Fatma Husam from March 10th through the 19th, at:
Gate Avenue Rooftop, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
Opening hours: 5pm-11pm

For additional information about FerriFirenze at MNBAIN: The Gates, please
contact us via WhatsApp on +39 347 283 5203.

It's with much excitement that FerriFirenze can announce our participation in March’s liviest pop-up, MNBAIN: The Gates, held in the dynamic Dubai neighbourhood known as the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre).

The brainchild of local entrepreneur Fatma Husam, the ten-day event is described as a vibrant mix of creativity and community. The luxury, beauty and art on display are unique in themselves, yet flow effortlessly from one space to another.

MNBAIN: The Gates not only features a selection of the world’s top jewellery houses. The pop-up is also subdivided, with bespoke sections dedicated to avant-garde fashions, carefully curated footwear, high-end handbags, perfumes, flowers and interior design. Additional areas set aside for restaurants, cafes, fine arts and entertainment.

FerriFirenze will showcase a beautiful array of our meticulously handcrafted jewellery here, both from our newest collections, as well as plenty of iconic favourites.

Each and every FerriFirenze 18K gold earring, bracelet, pendant and ring has been created by master artisans at our 16th-century Tuscan headquarters in Italy. Shimmering diamonds and multicoloured gemstones - always ethically sourced -
accentuate the organic curves of our unique designs.

Whether you’re planning your visit to MNBAIN: The Gates, or simply steeping your senses in the beauty of our favourite designs, be sure to follow us on Instagram





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