FerriFirenze returns to Hong Kong!

FerriFirenze returns to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, February 27-March 5, 2023

A vibrant city with more than seven million residents, Hong Kong is a cultural nexus with a dynamic design scene. It’s hardly surprising that it’s one of our favourite destinations in Asia.

FerriFirenze is elated to be returning to this crosscultural city-state once again. Between February 27th and March 5th, the exclusive Four Seasons Hong Kong will be hosting a joint FerriFirenze and Joanna Chu Liao pop-up. We are delighted to have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with this elegant fashion designer yet again.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chu Liao shares FerriFirenze's approach to design, as she effortlessly blends traditional lines and contemporary shapes to create her luxurious womenswear. And like our master artisans at FerriFirenze, Chu Liao values fine craftsmanship above all. Which makes her an ideal partner  or this extraordinary pop-up.

Visitors can revel in FerriFirenze’s glorious array of innovative necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, all crafted in our trademark 18K gold, shimmering diamonds and multicoloured gemstones. A selection of Chu Liao’s latest creations will also be showcased. The pairing of our exquisite Made in Italy jewellery, with Chu Liao’s carefully crafted feminine tailoring, makes the ideal match.

Whether you’re planning a visit to our perfect Hong Kong pop-up, or are simply keen to immerse yourself in photos of our meticulously crafted jewellery, be sure to follow us on Instagram @ferrifirenze

Our Hong Kong pop-up takes place in Hong Kong, China from February 27-March 5, at:
Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours:
Everyday 11AM - 8PM

For more information about FerriFirenze’s Hong Kong pop-up, please contact us via WhatsApp on +39 347 283 5203.




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