FerrariFirenze returns to Sharjah’s Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show

FerrariFirenze returns to Sharjah’s Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show

Sharjah, UAE, October 5-9, 2022

FerrariFirenze is delighted to return to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates for the biannual Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show. The glittering event has been drawing the world's finest jewellers - as well as the world' s most discerning clientele, including celebrity and royalty - to this charming Emirate for close to three decades.

As a master Italian jeweller, FerrariFirenze is particularly inspired by the regional adoration of fine craftsmanship. This is clearly evident at Sharjah’s bustling Gold Centre, a neighbourhood that revels in the beauty of shimmering gold and precious gems.

In acknowledgement of Sharjah’s appreciation for exquisite jewellery, FerrariFirenze has chosen to unveil three brand-new collections at the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show. Making their first-ever public appearance anywhere in the world, the 18K gold Armadillo, Piume and Allegra collections are destined to both astonish and beguile.

Allegra' s rings and earrings are bold and joyful, each one’s floral spherical forms offset by curves of gold, coloured enamel and glittering diamonds. Armadillo’s necklaces and bracelets - almost jungle-like in their vibrant hues - evoke the unique pattern of the animal’s shell. And Piume' s earrings and pendants elicit movement with their pave diamonds, mimicking the luxurious sweep of a feather.

For photos of dazzling creations by our master artisans, each one handcrafted a our Italian headquarters, be sure to follow us on Instagram @ferrarifirenze

Sharjah’s Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show takes place in Sharjah, UAE
from October 5 - 9
Expo Centre Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
FerrariFirenze will be exhibiting in Hall 6, ITL-09 ITL-10 ITL-12 

Opening hours:
5-6 and 8-9 October: 1pm - 10pm
7 October: 3pm-10pm

For more information about Sharjah’s Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show, please contact us via WhatsApp on +39 347 283 5203.


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