Our Italian artisans pride themselves on their mastery of age-old techniques. Many are handed down with pride through generations of Florentine jewellers. Yet Italy also ranks among the world’s most dynamic countries. The nation is globally renowned for haute couture, luxury cars, timeless furnishings and industrial designs.

FerriFirenze’s Waterfall collection combines both the traditional and the contemporary. Necklaces, earrings and rings have been precisely crafted so their precious stones ebb and flow, like gentle waves, along curves of 18k gold. As the sunlight strikes these colourful gems, it dips and cascades over the contours of the wearer’s skin. The effect is reminiscent of a translucent river, as it tumbles over a waterfall into the opaque depths below.

Like water itself, the components of every piece in the Waterfall collection are delicately articulated. Each one has been carefully created with a gentle movement that tinkles, caresses and embraces. All in a riot of sparkles, reflections and light.


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