Light as a feather.  The exquisite goldsmithing involved in the making of the earrings, necklaces and bracelets of the Piume collection, mimic the uniformity and lightweight nature of the feathers of a bird’s wings.  Threads of solid gold are worked into parallel lines to convey the carefree nature of nature’s most liberated creatures. The Piume collection’s exquisitely modern pieces beautifully showcase how gold can be manipulated into many forms and take on many textures. The delicate, yet precise gold sculpturing of each uniquely composed layer encourages subtle movement as the head nods and turns, allowing the liveliness of the overall design against the wearers skin.

Available in white gold with white diamonds and yellow gold with a mix of white and champagne diamonds, the collection culminates in an iconic brooch marked by bold, contemporary sculpted edges and contours… ready to take flight.


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