A capital of culture for a millennium, Florence has been the birthplace of revolutionary ideas and legendary artworks from figures as esteemed as Michelangelo and Botticelli.

This city’s secluded balconies are intricately laced with flowering vines. Centuries of history are sheltered within the striking facades of its elaborate palazzi. Wander her streets, then pause and listen. If you’re lucky, Florence’s arresting architecture will reveal its secrets. It’s a kind of music, heard only by those in tune with the city’s magical energy. Repeated again, these harmonious notes soon become a melody...

The FerriFirenze Musica collection transforms Florence’s architectural flair into iconic designs. The collection highlights its precious diamonds with vivacious textures and gentle movement. Angular components are bold. They are either layered in the Straight version. Or they mimic nature in the rounded curves of the Floral version. Both versions are ethereal and luxurious, awakening the senses through a flight of a thousand Florentine nights.


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