The fantastical worlds of high jewelery and dance come together in this rare outing inspired by the legendary ballet first performed in Paris, France, in 1841.  Like its romantic choreography that has been passed down to the present day, FerriFirenze’s latest collection was envisaged with intrinsic evergreen potential.  Earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets set in white diamonds mirror the  utmost expressiveness of the famed ballet’s pirouettes, this time executed in rare sequences of precious gems.

Available in yellow sunrise, champagne twist, sunset blues and white. The carefully architected design is a testament to the house’s mastery in combining exquisite gems and virtuoso flair. Symbolic of FerriFirenze’s “Simply Sophisticated” ethos, the Giselle range both versatile and luxuriant and suitable for day or night. The collection is available in two versions: small and large and in different variations including yellow gold with champagne diamonds; white gold pavé full diamonds; pink sapphires in up to four different hues with white diamonds, blue sapphires also in several shades and white diamonds, as well as yellow gold with pavé of white and brown diamonds in different shades.


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