Born in Florence during the mid-13th century, Giotto di Bondone was one of Italy's most famous artists. The painter was prolific during the early Renaissance period, creating stunning frescoes, many of them inscribed by UNESCO. Hi is also credited with designing the Florence Cathedral's world-renowned campanile, or bell tower. 

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Giotto portrayed his subjects’ genuine human emotions - ranging from pride and gratitude, to hope and serenity. It was this authenticity that encouraged our artisans to look to Giotto for inspiration. But it was the master painter’s undeniable artistic and architectural innovation that launched the creation of FerriFirenze’s Giotto collection.

In particular, the sculptured facade of Giotto's campanile is unlike any other, outfitted with white and coloured marble from Carrara, on the Tuscan coast. Around 800 years ago, Giotto deftly transformed it, creating geometrical bas-reliefs - or three dimensional patterns - along the lower levels of the bell tower. 

In turn, our master craftspeople have embraced many of these striking forms, using them as the basis to create FerriFirenze’s own Giotto pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings in 18K gold. Champagne and white diamonds serve as exquisite highlights, sculpting and trimming the jewellery’s distinct and unusual shapes.


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