It seldom snows in Tuscany. Yet nature gifts the villa, where we design and craft, the occasional frosty snap. We find the chill invigorating and exhilarating. We wake early, rushing to the windows like children, each of us competing for a first peek of the lightest layer of ice crystals that have been sprinkled on the morning flowers. Ice is a fleeting creation of nature.
It is prized for its gloriously ephemeral nature. As soon as the sun’s warm rays run their golden fingers over it, the frost is little more than a memory. Yet the fond recollection remains.

FerriFirenze’s Frozen collection embodies the same icy allure. Glamorous and sparkling, it offers an exquisite alternation between precious stones and open aperture. Its white or champagne diamonds are charged with magnetism. Frozen rests on the collarbone, softly skirts the earlobes or twists along a finger’s length. Like an ice crystal, it plays with the concept of space. Skin is revealed, white gold tempts, diamonds give the impression that they are floating...

Frozen is an apt name. As a photo can capture an unforgettable moment, freezing it in time before it vanishes, this collection celebrates and commemorates the fleeting nature of life itself.


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