Each culture has their own unique use for a foulard, widely known as the silk scarf. In Mediterranean Europe, it may function as a jazzy accessory, adding zest to an outfit as it’s tied under the collar. The same item could be swiftly rolled along its length to transform into a belt, cinching the waist with its rippling folds. In the Middle East, a foulard frequently used as a headscarf, modestly covering the wearer’s hair, while adding colour and a soft, reflective sheen.

In Italy, we adore a pure silk foulard. The silk scarf’s tactile drape and unusual form is the inspiration for FerriFirenze’s Foulards collection.
Our 18K gold earrings and pendants bend and fold, their shapes reminiscent of the silkiest textiles. Like sunlight that reflects off of water, precious stones - from Champagne diamonds, to azure sapphires and forest-green sapphires – are dispersed throughout.





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