‘Armonia’ translates as ‘harmony’ in Italian. A perfectly balanced pairing between two or more different parts. At our 16th-century headquarters in Tuscany, this concept is absolutely fundamental. Our artisans are not only inspired by the soothing, bucolic nature that surrounds our workshop, but also by the creative work that they do together, building lifelong friendships through their passion for crafting and design.

The Armonia collection is the result of such long-term collaboration. Armonia’s 18K gold pendants, earrings and rings are distinctly lighthearted and colourful. Above all, the shape of each one represents the harmonious melding of two halves. We may come from different worlds. We may speak different languages. Yet we share fundamental values, such as the importance of family and the purity of love.

The rings in this collection are particularly unique. Known as stacking rings, they can be assembled and disassembled. Divided and worn alone. Or layered and worn together. Each component is individual, like each one of us. Yet our very essence is only truly developed through our lifelong relationships. Their perfect harmony enhances all that we are - and all that we can be.

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